Who am I? Good question, I’m every woman. Talking about myself comes not easy and it’s certainly not something I like; starting from the fact that explaining how was I able to be born in two places at three different times would take me ages. A traveller before I even had started to walk, I learned very early in my life to discern patterns, draw maps, read lips and endure uncertainty; never spoke a word until school-age though.

Few things have remained stable during this long run of adventures I call life: my profound dislike for talkers, my insatiable passion for acquiring knowledge and my interest on Eastern cultures. Exotic was not a foreign language when I began my studies 15 years ago; but India was. What a thrill!! It added a new dimension to my work as Interior Designer, and gave me a competitive advantage over hideous, stubborn, side-blinded architects, my eternal mates and competitors.

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