Do Not Emoji Me

13903401_1072651389479219_8916923004144505474_nA single symbol can convey a complex message, I know. But decoding miscellaneous feelings and thoughts expressed in a streamlined manner using emojis is not my forte. Stupid me, I’m kindly asking my readers to stop sending me messages with faces making faces.

I don’t want to come across here as a conservative, humourless and miserable curmudgeon. But I must confess I wholeheartedly dislike adults over 30 who shorten sentences to the extreme of using 2 letters or insert 10 winking smileys to express and idea. No objection to brevity or humour, it’s just that to me this rather annoying trend among middle-age adults is indicative of linguistic incompetence and lack of thoughts; a turn off. Furthermore, I’ve got the impression that the over-adoption of childish net-neologisms reflects the refusal of certain adults to act like grown-ups, and a mindless desire to project themselves as ever young, and to never out-grow the teenage preoccupation of being “le dernier cri” Qué flojera!!!! Ever-green wannabes make me yawn.

I’m not cool. I like to listen. I like to read. I find long, and logical discourses super sexy. So please do not emoji me, talk to me.

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