2017 New Year’s Message

Future never seemed more uncertain to many of us; yet we, different people of the world, have confidence in humankind, in goodness over time. My 2017 New Year’s message is actually a plea:

Let’s stay together assuming a serene, and responsible attitude. BROTHERHOOD.

Play the long game. Get up, and sweep the garden over and over again; good times, bad times, regardless. ENDURANCE.

Practice tolerance not as an act of condescension, but the kind of tolerance that leads to APPRECIATION, which means seeing the other as one’s equal.

Foster diversity as an extension of the principle of appreciation in that it signifies the achievement of EQUALITY of opportunity for social, cultural, ethnic religious or other groups that would otherwise be subject to discrimination.

Speak up, let the voices of moderation and RECONCILIATION overpower the narrative of hatred and mistrust.

May 2017 be a blessed year to each and everyone of you. May Health and Love lead to true Prosperity.



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