If I just could…

Nothing happens randomly, there’s a purpose in small things happening almost inadvertently. This week I received an invitation to attend The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The line-up this year boasts performances from Radiohead, Bon Iver and Lady Gaga among many others. Radiohead? I have almost forgotten how much I enjoyed their music. Swamped with work and music from other latitudes I consistently let go old baggage. God, if I just could do the same with other stuff!

Coachella brought Fake Plastic Trees to my mind and by listening to it I couldn’t help but recalling one of my favourite poems:

Maybe I am doing exactly the same thing right now, yearning for something I can’t have, but maybe the thing I desire so much isn’t what I need. In a world full of deceptiveness, one wants desperately to believe that real things do exist. How much are we willing to mislead ourselves?